Byrd AND Baldwin Bros. Building

The Byrd & Baldwin Bros. Building was built in 1906 as a home to a real estate investment firm of the same name. The property was purchased in 2001 following approximately thirty years of vacancy and neglect. Essentially, the only surviving element of the original structure was the Beau Arts Italianate façade. The condition inside had deteriorated to the extent that all floors had a clear view to the sky.

Restoration following the guidelines established by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the National Parks Service and Norfolk's Design Review Committee was finished in early 2006. The building was reconstructed around the original newly strengthened façade. All the original flooring and roofing was replaced and modernized as was the electrical and mechanical components. The historical integrity was preserved to the extent of exact reproduction of the wooden trim, restoration of leaded glass and skylights as well as preserving the sliding entry doors. Additional features of note are the original safe, flag staff support and the building name literally chiseled in stone on the façade. Although not required, the Byrd & Baldwin Bros. Building was made fully ADA compliant and now has handicap access ramp access extending to Tazewell Street.

We welcome you to enjoy the Byrd & Baldwin Bros. Building second century.

Byrd & Baldwin Brothers Steak House
116 Brooke Avenue Norfolk, VA. 23510
Phone: (757) 222-9191 - Email:

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